066 - Holly - Bikini Bound Blonde

13:43 video

Holly is ballgagged and tied standing with her hands above her head in her two tone bikini.  A man with a lot more rope and some gag tape enters and teases her a bit before leaving her alone again to struggle.  Finally after a bit of leaving her there ballgag pulled tight in her mouth the man returns and starts binding her ankles together. The purpose becomes clear when he starts taking her arms down from the rack and she realizes that she can't run away.  He wrestles her arms behind her back and starts binding her wrists together behind her back.  She tries to ask him what he's doing but he just keeps binding her and then moves onto removing her ballgag.  She tries to ask him what he's got in mind for her but instaed of answering he just stuffs her mouth with a large white cloth and wraps silver tape tightly around her head sealing the gag in underneath Holly's pleading eyes.  Moving behind her Holly's elbows are soon tightly bound together behind her back with more tightly bound rope.  The man then leaves poor Holly letting her know that he's got a wonderful bondage idea for her and he has to go get some more rope.  Holly is gently lain on the ground and a rope is tied to the cinch of her wrists.  The rope is tied back to the cross bar of the rack pulling her body backwards just a little bit.  The overall purpose becomes clear when he takes another rope and loops her ankles with it pulling her into a bit of an impromptu hogtie with her ankles tied to the cross bar in front of her head.  Finally not convinced that she's in enough discomfort he takes a last rope and binds her wrists upwards to the overbar of the rack she's already attached to.  This sharply pulls her wrists upwards and vastly restricts her motion, but gives off a very improved view of her bikini clad ass.  Holly realizes that she's in rather dire straights and starts struggling and trying her very best to budge a knot or slip the gag.  Her frustration, struggles, and gag talk grow more fervent as she realizes that he intends to keep her bound and gagged there for quite some time to come.  

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