057 - Serene - Street Cornered

20:23 video

Serene was walking around in her tight pink skirt and black tube top on a street corner. Desperate for cash she was hoping to meet someone who might be able to help her out. Doing her best to post seductively by bending over and stroking her leg, walking back and forth shaking her hips in her tight skirt. She sits back down on the bench to check her makeup and crosses her legs while she reapplies some bright red lipstick. Finally she sees someone and gives them the come here gesture with her finger. Unfortunately for her it was someone with other plans and she finds herself handcuffed and tied up to a rack in someone’s lair. She tries to defend herself by saying she in fact wasn’t trying to hook or anything but the man obviously felt her behavior was hookery and isn’t letting her go. She twists around in her cuffs showing off her pink ass with her black thong peeking through the thin material. She pleads with him to tell her that she’ll be let go eventually but the man still just silently walks around her. Her tube top gradually works its way down her chest exposing her breasts as she continues to plead for release. Finally the man has had enough of her begging and ring gags poor Serene. All it does is make the begging process far messier when she continues to try to ask for release but nothing but muffled pleas and drool come out. Serene isn’t being let out anytime soon though and the man just continues to walk around her as she seductively moves her ass and turns to try to barter with her exposed tits and ring gagged mouth.

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