056 - Drea - First Date Equals Last Date

16:13 video

Drea gets home from a first date with a guy she doesnt really know that well. After talking a little bit about dinner and such the man gets a little fresh with Drea and she responds in kind with a slap to his face. Set off by this he pounces on her and pins her on the couch face down tying her wrists and taunting her by grabbing her breasts now that she can no longer stop him. Drea wiggles and struggles and even ends up almost going off the couch backwards to try to escape but in the end shes put in a scissor hold and her elbows are tightly welded together. More struggling to free herself and try to roll off her captors lap ensues and the man responds by lifting her back up onto the couch and binding her ankles. Drea rolls off the couch and tries to hop away on her knees but is stopped by the mans firm grip on her elbow rope. Shes roughly pushed to the ground and taunted before her shirt is raised up and her bra is pulled down to expose her lovely pierced nipples. Finally shes carried back to the couch so she can be hogtied tightly. The man comes back with a huge pair of panties which are stuffed into her mouth. Drea spits them out before they are picked up and restuffed into her mouth. Held in place by a thumb silver tape is wrapped around her head a few times sealing the panties in. With her predicament secured the man tells her of his plan to take her away in his van boxed and off to her new fate. Finally the time comes and the man goes out to check to see if the coast is clear before Drea is loaded like cargo. The clip ends with Drea being carried out still in her hogtie by the man intent on making her his property.

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