054 - Elizabeth Andrews & Serene Isley - You Don't Have to Go Home Because You

16:20 video

Lizz and Serene were cleaning up one night in their matching bar uniforms and theyre trying to get out of there so they can get out of there and have some fun.  Lizz comes around to the front of the bar to wipe down that side of the counter when suddenly shes ambushed by a large man with a handful of rope. He roughly bends her over the bar and starts binding her wrists together.  Lizz tells him that shell give him all the money there and she doesnt have to tie her up but the man just turns her around and stuffs a large white cloth in her mouth securing it with several wraps of microfoam around her head.  Confident shes well gagged he turns her back around and pulls another rope out and quickly binds her elbows together behind her back keeping her arms good and secure and ensuring that shell stay bound and gagged for a while.  Putting her up on the bar he ties her ankles tightly together before asking her if shes alone.  She tries to protect her friend Serene by not telling him that shes in the back but he doesnt believe her and leaves her tightly bound and gagged on the counter.  Serene is quickly found by the man when he goes into the back room and he roughly drags her out into the main bar area and quickly gets to work binding her also.  Starting with her elbows he crushes them tightly together and cinches it off tightly as she complains about his groping.  Which naturally just creates more groping of both Lizz and Serenes tightly clad pantyhosed forms.  With her elbows and wrists tightly tied David stuffs a white cloth into her mouth after a bit of resistance and he quickly wraps more microfoam around her head sealing yet another large tight gag into her mouth.  Finally he puts Serene on the bar beside her friend and binds her ankles.  They seize the opportunity to try to get free but they cant manage to work the tight knots the man has left them in.  Finally he comes back and flips them both over to put them in side by side matching tight hogties.  Satisfied that they arent going anywhere fast he leaves them both to struggle around on the bar both of them still tightly hogtied and well gagged.   They try desperately to free themselves but all they manage to do is roll around more and vocalize from behind the gag in a desperate bid to alert someone to the fact that they are bound and gagged.  Soon they realize that theyre going to likely have to spend a very long night hogtied and gagged on the bar. 

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