050 - Dixie Comet, Candle Boxxx & Serene Isley - Burglar Quarries Two Birds at O

33:56 video

Dixie and Candle are hard at work when suddenly they hear a noise.  Dixie tells Candle not to worry about it and heads off to check it out just in case leaving Candle working on her computer absent minded and letting her skirt ride up to expose stocking tops. Suddenly Serene returns dressed in her catsuit with Dixie already gagged.  Fading back in Dixie and Candle are bound to chairs with Dixie still tightly microfoam gagged and Candle asking what is going on before Serene stuffs a leather gag into her mouth to silence her questions.  They struggle and moan trying to get themselves free of the chairs and tight ropes that hold them to it.  Dixie at one point even hopping her chair over to try to get a better angle on poor Candle's ropes.  <br><br>Eventually Serene moves them to a couch where Candle and Dixie's shirts are opened and their breasts are lain bare.  Serene comes back in and they curse her trying to work out of their bonds, but Serene just stuffs Candle's mouth taping the wadding in and effectively silencing her.  Dixie is next with the same leather gag that Candle wore just a bit earlier.  Upon finishing up her work Dixie and Candle are left to struggle mightily exposing their stocking tops and fleeting glimpses of their asses as they work again to try to team up and free themselves.  Candle eventually works her way down off of the couch and onto her knees to try to use her nose and face to pry some of the tight ropes down from her legs but only succeeds in nosing the ropes around a little bit.  Serene come back and unties their arms but only so they can stay gagged and bound at the legs but have their arms free to undress each other.  Eventually they are left in just stockings, high heels, and panties and their arms are rebound and they resume their struggles on the couch.  <br><br>Candle and Dixie find themselves next moved to a bedroom where they are regagged with a black cover gag for Candle and a Silver around the head tape gag for Dixie. They struggle wildly on the bed trying to shift some ropes on their legs first so they can try to run away mixed with attempts to get their arms free by working together to untie each other.  Finally they get the idea to kick off their shoes and manage to slip the ankle ropes that way.  That gives them the ability to work themselves closer to the door but unfortunately Serene finds them just as they are getting close enough to the door to effect their escape.  <br><br>Fading back in Serene is taking photos of newly hogtied Candle and Dixie resecured so they can't get anywhere.  Serene has been nice enough to leave them a cell phone so they can get some help since she won't be back to free them.  They get the cell phone flipped open but can't manage to get it dialed bound as tightly as they are.  They resume their game of trying to free each other but unfortunately for them it doesn't seem to be a game they are very equipped to win.

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