048 - Drea Morgan - Spun Around, Lifted and Captured

15:02 video

Drea had just gotten home from a long day when she found herself suddenly ambushed by a man with a handful of rope.  Quickly swept off their feet she's placed on the floor and her wrists are bound tightly with the beginning of the rope that he brought along.  She twists and kicks her legs valiently but in the end the large man is just too much for her and her wrists fall to their eventual bindings. Drea tries to reason with the man but he just keeps telling her that what he wants is her tied up.    Another rope comes out and her elbows are welded tightly together next.  With her arms now secure he scoops Drea's small form up and flips her around seating her on her ass on the couch beside him.  Grabbing a white cloth he stuffs her mouth with it XXXX her to open to cleave it with some purple vet wrap.  Finally after a bit of messing with poor Drea he unbuttons her shirt exposing her lingerie and causing some renewed struggles from her end.   Another rope binds her arms tightly to her body and she moans realizing how much more limited her struggles are about to become.  Eventually David realizes that Drea will be able to shake her gag and brings out some white electrical tape to wrap around her head sealing the gag extra tightly.  Drea manages some hopping in her six inch heels and some nice struggles across the couch but sadly for her can't make much headway in freeing herself before her captor comes back for some renewed torture.  He pulls her bra down this time exposing her nicely pierced nipples which elicit more shrieks of terror from Drea before the man leaves her again on the couch bound, gagged, and exposed.  Drea manages to garner a bit of slack from a few of her ropes but unfortunately for her she can't manage enough slack to actually free herself and we're continually treated to her struggling making her best effort to free herself. 

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