637 Michelle - Hogtied Escape From Peril

27 photos; 13:21 video



Michelle is roughly led into a room by a man with a handful of rope. She pleads as he cruelly binds her elbows tightly together. She tries to reason with him but to no avail. He continues to bind her wrists together as he takes some time to take stock of her assets by grabbing her breasts and ass a few times taunting her while doing it. Then her mouth is stuffed with a white cloth and microfoam tape is wrapped around her head tightly holding the wad home and reducing her pleas to moans of distress. Michelle is then sat down on the couch and her ankles are tied together her black high heeled feet held tightly together. The man taunts her a bit about how long he's going to hold her hostage while she moans in anguish at the thought of being this tightly tied for hours. Michelle is then taken down to the floor and hogtied tightly as the man fondles her and promises her that he's going to come back and get to know her a lot better. Fearing what that means the second the man is gone Michelle gets to to work struggling and trying to find a way to loosen any of her bindings. Not able to make any slack with her hands she rolls across the floor hoping to find anything that might help her out. She spies a box in the corner and tries desperately to move to it and locate anything that might help her to get free. When she gets there she notices that there are scissors in the box. This of course gets her excited with the prospect of freeing herself resulting in renewed struggling effort to try to get her hands on her salvation. Finally after a while and with near hands she manages to get her hands on the scissors cutting the hogtie rope and then getting her ankles free as a result. She kicks off her ultra high heels and runs out of the room her wrists and elbows still tied and still tightly gagged.

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