634 Constance & Serene Isley - Roommate Problems Settled With Bondage

17 photos; 17:15 video



Constance and Serene are fighting over a dress that they both want to wear. Pulling back and forth on the dress suddenly David shows up with rope and gag material. He pins Serene down and starts binding her tightly as Constance helps by holding her down. First her elbows and then her wrists are bound and Serene finds herself helpless as the man moves down to bind her ankles completing her helplessness. David finally gets her to be quiet by shoving a white cloth into her mouth and then sealing it with a microfoam gag. Constance starts taunting Serene and before she knows it is grabbed and forced onto the bed beside Serene. Her wrists and elbows are bound and she joins Serene in her helpless state as her ankles are also bound tightly. Constance's mouth is stuffed with another white cloth and the rest of the microfoam is used to silence her as well. Constance and Serene manage to find a way to fight even while bound and gagged and David gets to work hogtying both women to further keep the peace. After they are both hogtied David tells them that he's going to let them work their differences out and that hopefully they'll have it all worked out by the time he returns from watching his game they so rudely interrupted with their fight. Rather than help each other escape both women go to bound chicken fighting instead and cursing at each other through their gags. They struggle and try to free themselves without working as a team and as such they are just as tightly bound when David returns as when he left them. Eventually he returns and takes a rope and ties them chest to chest forcing them to get a bit closer in how they work out their differences. With that bondage in place he heads out again leaving them there and they struggle but can no longer help each other so they just try to bondage tug of war each other across the bed. Seems as though the original dress argument is moot now that they are helplessly bound and gagged and the dress has found a nice home on the floor beside the bed.

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