628 Madison Price - Catburglar Catches A Maid

33 photos; 15:03 video



Madison was dutifully cleaning up her mistress Belle's place when she's mistaken for Belle by the catburglar. Serene forces Madison to put her hands up and then comes in with a bag full of rope. Pulling her over Serene grabs a bundle of rope and binds Madison's wrists behind her back. Serene tells Madison that she intends to use her as bait and then finishes off her wrist ropes. Madison's ankles are bound next before Serene uses a black mouth packing and microfoam tape to seal her gag inside her mouth. Elbow ropes come next and then Serene adds another rope sealing poor Madison's arms to her body. More ropes are added just above and below her knees binding her legs together even more thoroughly. With the ropework finished Serene appraises her bound subject before heading off to get her camera. Madison does her best to struggle free of the tight bonds but can't manage to do much more than make a half hearted attempt at grabbing the phone which she gets accomplished just as Serene returns and shuts her attempt down. A few pictures of poor Madison in her situation and a note left for Belle and Serene unties Madison's ankles only and uses the rope as a make shift leash which she then leads Madison out of the room to her place as bait.

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