625 Constance - Taken For A Little Ride

22 photos; 19:33 video



Constance is sitting at her desk when suddenly she's presented with the figure of a man she doesn't know and definitely doesn't belong in her office. She asks him who he is and he tells her that doesn't really matter before moving around to the back of the desk and grabbing her forcing her to bend over the desk where he takes the rope he has in his pockets and starts wrapping it around her elbows and wrists binding her tightly. With her arms secured he takes a black ballgag and shoves it into her mouth buckling it and muffling her cries of distress. Lifting her up off the ground he puts her on the rug in front of her desk before taking another piece of rope and binding her ankles. A hogtie completes her bondage and he tells her that if she's not going to tell him what he wants to know then he's going to have to take her on a little car ride. She's horrified at the notion of being taken and squeals through the gag before trying desperately to escape from the ropes holding her tightly while he's gone. He returns and unties her hogtie rope before lifting her and carrying her out. 


Constance is next seen hogtied in the back of the man's car and he tells her that maybe by the time they get where they are going she'll be more apt to tell him what he wants to hear. He continues driving with his "cargo" in the back occasionally reaching back to fondle her a bit to her dismay. Constance struggles trying to free herself but can't manage to get any of her ropes undone before the man suddenly announces "Well, we're here!" Constance loudly protests through her gag but can't do any more than that hoping that he's going to let her go eventually.

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