624 Madalynn Raye - Thief Taught a Valuable Life Lesson

24 photos; 15:38 video



Madalynn fights against the man as he shoves her in the room, but he overpowers her forcing her to a pole in the center of the room. He taunts her asking her if she really thought shed get away with it. He pins her arms around the pole and quickly zipties her wrists together trapping her there. Seeing her window of escape closing, she offers to pay back the money she charged on the stolen credit cards, but hes well beyond wanting money at this point, he wants to teach her a lesson. He adds more zipties to her body cinching her elbows & ankles together. She tried to convince him that someone will come look for her but he seems unconcerned and continues to add more zipties to her legs. 


The man stuffs a large cloth in Madelynns unwilling mouth and winds 3 microfoam around her head over and over making sure the cloth is sealed in nice and tight. He adds several more zipties up and down her body. He leaves her alone to think about what shes doneand how tightly shes held to the pole. When the man returns, he adds a layer of black electrical tape over the center of her mouth and uses a ziptie to attach her head to the pole and a smaller one to cinch it to the pole making her gag that much tighter. She looks out, pleading with her eyes for him to let her go but shes not the merciful type. She squeals as he tightens each of them again. Left alone, she tries to struggle and free herself but the more she struggles the more the zipties seem to bite into her. She cant help but wonder how long he plans to keep her like this

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