620 Arielle Lane - Shiny Leotard Strappado & Inflatable Gag

34 photos; 14:05 video



Arielle Lane is wearing a shiny pink thong leotard, pantyhose, ankle cuffs, and high heels as the clip opens. Her arms are tightly bound her back and she is gagged with an inflatable penis gag. Next her legs are spread apart and tied off to a spreader bar, making her slightly off balanced. A rope is tied around her neck and hoisted to the top of the suspension rack and knotted off. Her arms are then pulled up into a strappado, forcing Arielle into a very uncomfortable position. No matter which way she moves, she won't be able to relieve the tension from her arms are seek a comfortable stance. Drool starts to flow from the bottom of the inflatable gag as her mmphfs ramp up behind the gag. A poodle of drool forms in between her spreader barred legs as she continues to struggle with the difficult position. 

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