614 Mia Vallis - Pain & Pleasure with the Sexologist

26 photos; 22:12 video



Mia has been having some very strange dreams. She wakes up in the morning, feeling unrested but aroused. Confused about these feelings, she decides to make an appointment with Dr. Isley. 


Lounging on my couch in a white satin button-up blouse, tight fitting purple pencil skirt, nude pantyhose, and staggering high heels, Mia starts by asking me not to judge her. After reassuring her that she can tell me anything and it wont leave this room, she starts to open up and tell me about her dreams. Mia is dressed in skin tight charcoal disco pants that hug every curve of her shapely legs and ass. A man walks up to her and without a word tightens a leather collar around her neck and that surprisingly, she really liked having it on. She goes on to explain that the man adds straps to her arms welding her elbows and wrists together, forcing her chest out. He adds a leather gag in her mouth, strapping it in place as she moans. 


Mia explains to me that the man in the dream pulled her top down and attached some metal clamps to her nipples. Immediately, her breasts become her main focus, the clamps biting into her tender flesh. He continues to increase her helplessness by adding a leather strap around her waist, cinching her arms to her torso. To makes matters worse, he adds small locks to the chain attaching the nipple clamps togethermaking every movement tug and pull on her nipples. 


Satisfied that Mias upper body is tightly bound, the man moves on to her sexy legs. He attaches cuffs to her ankles with straps going under her high heels, and a chain between, hobbling her step. He attached a leash to her collar and forced her to walk, the hobble makes her steps uneven, causing the locks on the chain to sway and delightful moans of pain and pleasure escapes from behind the gag. He changes the gag to a ball gag with a clear panel on the front and then teases her, tormenting her just to hear the noises she makes and the way her body squirms. 


After leaving Mia alone for a while, the man returns and changes the gag once again to a red ballgag with a strap running under her chin. She sighs in satisfaction as its locked into place. He ties a blindfold around her eyes forcing her into darkness. He removes the chain on the ankle cuffs and replaces it with a spreader bar keeping her legs held open. He leaves her standing, legs spread, arms tied, bound & gagged as a display piece for a few moments. When he removes the nipple clamps her purring moans turn to gasps of pain as the rushes back into them. She squeals and bucks her body as the sudden sensation. After a while, he returns, removes the spreader bar, loops his finger around the loop in her collar and leads her out of the office.

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