594 Nyxon & Serene Isley - Blackmailed Into Bondage

28 photos; 13:34 video


Nyxon walks into Serene's office very bewildered by the outfit her boss Serene has had her put on. Serene lets her know that she's had some people following her around and she's found some things that are a bit.... off. Serene intends to blackmail Nyxon into playing bondage games with her and starts by grabbing some rope and binding her arms behind her back. First her elbows are bound followed soon after by her forearms and wrists. Nyxon is seated up on the desk and Serene grabsa red ballgag stuffing it in her mouth and buckling it around her head. Her ankles are bound next securing all Nyxon's limbs tightly before Serene lays Nyxon down onto her desk taking another rope and using it to hogtie poor Nyxon. Serene toys and taunts Nyxon a bit before heading out of the office leaving Nyxon to struggle and suffer on top of the desk. Serene returns briefly to look for some things in the desk before realizing that she left it somewhere else. Coming back Nyxon realizes in horror that Serene was looking for her camera phone as Serene starts taking pictures of her bondage. Flipping her over Serene takes Nyxon's breasts out of her top before heading back and taking more incriminating pictures of Nyxon with her top down. Serene wraps up her picture taking and leaves Nyxon helpless on her desk with no idea how long she's going to be kept like that before she's released.


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