583 Crystal Frost & Serene Isley - Out of Sight

19 photos; 12:49 video



Crystal was sitting at home alone when David and I come strolling in. She really should lock her door, I mean who knows what kind of people might show up. When David reaches down and jerks her to her feet, she squeals loudly as he pulls her close to his body wrapping his massive arms around her small frame. She asks what we want and I explain that I mostly just want to get rid of her since she's been sleeping with my husband. 


David uses one hand to hold her wrists together and places the other on her throat, almost daring her to move as I bind her elbows tightly together. I pull them as close together as I can, hoping to make this as unpleasant as possible for the little slut. She swears that she didn't sleep him, but I know better because she left some souvenirs behind. 


Crystal wiggles and squirms in David's arms trying to break free. She begs for us to let her go, claiming that she didn't sleep with him. I just don't believe her though. I mean if someone was tying me up to ship off somewhere, I'd probably lie as well. I grab another rope and tie her wrists behind her back. I'm tired of listening to her lies though and once I finish tying the knot of her wrists, I move on to shutting her up! 


I pick up the panties Crystal left at my house, and dangle them in front of her face so she can see them. She claims that they aren't hers, but I tell her they are going in her mouth anyway and stuff them in. I have David hold them in place so she doesn't spit them out while I get the tape ready. I wind the silver tape around her head a few times locking the dirty panties in her mouth. 


Lots of stifled noises escape from the gag as she tries to protest. I take another piece of rope and coil it around her ankles while David goes to move the van in place. She tries to cry out for help through the gag but no one will hear her and no one is going to save her. I tell her that at this point, even if she didn't sleep with him, we've already gone this far and I have to follow through otherwise I could get in a lot of trouble, and we just can't have that. I do tie a little bow on her ankles though to make her a pretty little package, she doesn't seem amused by it though. 


I add another rope to her thighs, cinching them tightly together. She cries into the gag, pleading and wailing between sobs. I continue to add more rope to her legs while I wait for David to return. I tell her to try to keep her legs closed for once while I go check on David and the van. While I'm gone, she cries even louder. She pulls against the ropes trying to get free aware of her fate if she doesn't escape. She rocks back and forth on the couch but she's not going anywhere. 


David comes back and decides that she could still use another rope. He adds a body cinch, locking her arms to her torso, and limiting her ability to move even more. David toys with her suggesting that if she helps him that he can help her. She agrees with a little flicker in her eyes, and he grabs her by the chin and explains that she doesn't have as much to offer as I do, dashing her last little thread of hope. He leaves her alone once again and she cries out even louder. Finally, we are ready to leave. David grabs Crystal from the couch, throwing her over his shoulder and I grab our bag of rope to make sure we don't leave anything behind.

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