061 - Serene - Give Me a B!

12:00 video

Serene is tightly bound and ballgagged on the floor struggling around trying to get herself out of the situation she’s gotten herself into. Rolling around on the floor she moans as she tries to find any give in her tight bondage but all she can do is squirm and put on a show. Moaning through the ballgag you can hear her trying to gain help but no one is coming to her rescue it seems. Finally her captor appears and you can see him move her around a bit and grope her from a first person point of view. Serene is obviously unaware of why she’s there and tries to talk to the man to see why he’s got her in such a bind but he’s more interested in feeling her up than answering any of her ballgagged questions. Finally after a while the man comes in and removes her ballgag which gives Serene the opportunity to ask him to let her go, but as she opens her mouth to ask that he stuffs her mouth with a large white cloth and starts roughly wrapping microfoam tape around her head. Satisfied that she’s well gagged now the man takes the opportunity to grope her a bit more before leaving her to struggle with her newly enhanced gag still caught in her hogtie. Finally the man speaks to her but its only to say Good Night to her as he cuts the lights off leaving her tightly bound mouth packed to the hilt with a gag and screaming with terror at what could possibly happen to her next.

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